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80 Years of Advocacy


Who is Crain, Langner & Co ?

Crain, Langner & Co. is an independent risk management and insurance consulting firm that has served policyholders since 1939. Our clients are located throughout the world and have operations in over thirty-five countries.

Opinions rendered as to the structure of a program are not influenced by any present or future commission income. We sell no insurance. We belong to the Society of Risk Management Consultants.

We remain true to our commitment to providing valuable, independent, objective insurance and risk management consulting services. We diligently serve our clients, protect their interests, and above all, provide them with the analysis, advice and counsel essential to making sound business decisions.

Crain, Langner & Co. clients are more than just insurance buyers. They seek to achieve and adhere to common principles considered fundamental to our consulting relationships:
Maximum program control superior insurance coverage and risk treatment
Predictable, controlled costs – including fixed and variable premiums, retained losses, audit exposures and uninsured losses
Program efficiency and effectiveness


Crain, Langner & Co. provides risk management and insurance related services to a wide variety of:

  • closely held and publicly-traded corporations
  • not-for-profit corporations
  • governmental entities and agencies
  • financial institutions
  • high net worth families
  • colleges and universities
  • health care systems
  • service organizations
  • Manufacturing companies

Engagements vary from providing continuous consulting, working on specific and one-time projects, and acting as the outsourced risk manager for both large and small organizations throughout any given year. Relationships with our clients frequently date back decades. Our experience and understanding of clients' needs, histories, and plans for the future allow us to add value in a timely, efficient manner.


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